ただいま・・・Tadaima☆ 食べたいメニューが浮かばなかったので(苦笑)、帰宅。はぅ、KAMIJOくんに会いたい病を発症した件。どうやらちょっと疲れているらしい(汗)。
11-29 22:13

ではお仕事3本立て行ってきます・・・acroちゃんにVersaillesの動画をいっぱい転送したので(笑)、それで乗り切りますかね♪ Sorry, I have to go to work. I'll reply later... Have a nice day.
11-29 13:51

11-29 13:27

11-29 12:18

That's all... I'm very busy this week. But I'll have some free time next week, I'll manage to survive... See you tomorrow. Oyasumi~☆
11-29 04:26

RV(60)... After that I thanked him, but he didn't say anything, just looked into my eyes without smile. I couldn't stand his gaze, ran away.
11-29 04:23

RV(59)... At the end of the FC trip, each of them gave me a hug. To be precise, KAMIJO held me tightly.
11-29 04:14

11-29 02:15

Today's ASAHI Shimbun… He looks like KAMIJO(ahaha). http://t.co/00Tk6Ghs
11-29 02:11

... 続きを読む
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